The platform of commerce and trade has thus shifted to the online zone in order to acquire better exposure and a greater clientele. In order to make any form of service or business profitable in the online medium, it is very important to provide the users with a correct interface. The availability of a website detailing the kind of commerce is very important. People make websites on the internet for a variety of purposes, always the purpose behind the creation of a website might not be related to online shopping. There are many informative websites or sites which are created for exposing the talents of a person. There is no doubt about the fact that there is a huge scope of gaining exposure in the online world and for that purpose website are created.

The things which should be present in a user-friendly website

The website is created so that people can browse, so the need for making the whole website totally user-friendly is significant. If the website is not easy to access then the created online set is said to be defunct as the main purpose of simplicity in terms of use is not fulfilled by the website. Therefore, when a website is to be designed, then some factors should be kept in mind. These factors are delineated below:

  • The design of the home page

The homepage is the welcome page of a website which means when an internet user clicks the search result of a particular website then usually the home page is shown. The development of the homepage is of prime importance because the function of the home page is to provide the whole information about the website in a nutshell. The homepage is also the place where a user can navigate to different pages within the website. The optimization of this page is very important because the lack of optimization will lead to the unpopularity of the website as a whole. The designing should be succinct so that the users can see the different services or products information available on that website. For concise product reviews from around the web, one can search the review sites.  It is of prime importance to keep the website clutter free and introducing banners should be done in an intelligent manner so that it does not overpower the whole website. For more information, click here.

  • The scrolling action

Many web developers try to manipulate the scrolling action for making the website unique however uniqueness is best to introduce in other areas of website development because if a user suddenly has to adjust to a new form of scrolling then it is quite annoying and so the website scrolling should be optimized as per the normal scrolling functions of gadgets.

  • The insertion of audiovisual content

Audiovisual content is quite captivating and is used by web developers so that the point of building the website comes across more clearly. However, optimizing videos so that the website does not take time to load is very important. Sometimes videos also keep buffering if the content has not been edited and optimized correctly. Hence when such content is to be used, it is vital to test the viability of the content and also to observe if the content functions smoothly within the website. Auto play is better to be used without audio. If the visitor selects to play the video, then sound should be played. Therefore, it is very important to use videos aptly and correctly on the website so that any internet user does not generate negative feedback.

  • Font used for written content

There is no doubt that video and audio provide information in an easier manner, but one cannot do away with written content completely while drafting a website. Written content has to be used as per the function of the website. Websites that are present for providing informative content needs to have a lot of written matter while websites that deal with the selling of products have to focus more on product descriptions. The font used for all the written content on the website should be thoroughly checked so that it is easy to read and the size is completely legible. If the written content is difficult to read them, it will irritate the internet user. Hence the content should not just be keyword optimized but should have a font that is clear and readable.

  • Thematic background

The website should have a suitably designed background that best depicts the function of the website. Creativity is essential in this field, but the image which is used for the background should be contrasted with the font color because if the background and the font color become similar, then it will be difficult to read the text. The background should also be optimized so that it loads easily on the variety of devices which are used nowadays for accessing the internet.

  • Highlighting text

The important words or phrases in the textual content of the website are often highlighted, but care should be taken so that the highlighting color is not jarring to the eyes. In this case, it is also important to use blinking actions for text in a limited manner. Blinking text disturbs the vision of the visitor and is often a nuisance so until it is extremely necessary such applications are best to be avoided.

  • Suitable insertion of hyperlinks

Hyperlinks should be inserted in the website as and when absolutely required. Unrelated hyperlinks are best to be avoided. Sometimes the hyperlink which has been inserted is not appropriate and does not have any relation to the text which has been shown as a hyperlink. This is a huge negative and website developers should properly optimize and check all the hyperlinks during the testing session of the website.

Hence, the responsibilities of a website designer in terms of creating a website is huge, and several aspects have to be considered for making a truly useful and functional website.


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