Okay, so we all know what a bad, wrong and reprehensible act plagiarism is. Much has been written about what plagiarism is, what are the consequences of plagiarism and how to check for plagiarism.

First, let’s get one thing straight. Plagiarism does not always have an ill motive behind it. There are two types of plagiarisms, one is intentional plagiarism, and the other is unintentional plagiarism. Unintentional plagiarism is when a person presents the thoughts and ideas of another writer as his own by mistake. Now how can one do that by mistake? Well, it happens when the work is not properly cited, and due credit and references are not given.

Now, what’s intentional plagiarism?

It is ‘intentionally” stealing another writer’s ideas and thoughts and presenting them as their own without giving any credit to them.

Once plagiarism takes place, it is a punishable act. It is of little value whether it was intentional plagiarism or unintentional plagiarism.

Because of the availability of unlimited information about every topic on the internet, it has become very simple for all plagiarists to cheat. It is easy and not to forget very tempting just to cut and paste another person’s work and pose it as their own.

Today I will highlight the reasons that prompt a person to plagiarize. I will talk about some of the possible reasons that might be a driving force behind a plagiarist to commit the heinous literary crime, the reasons that might tempt them to turn a blind eye to basic work ethics and morality.

  • Saving mental energy:

A plagiarist might argue that why should he waste his energy thinking of new ideas regarding any particular topic when he can just cut and paste from available content? Thinking requires mental energy and plagiarists are not fool enough to use their energies and become mentally exerted. Isn’t it simpler to just copy paste any given material?

  • Saving Time:

We all know that doing research on any topic is time-consuming. A plagiarist probably tries to save the time that he would to do on research and spend it on other things that he considers worthwhile instead, like playing video games, hanging out with friends or maybe watching movies.

  • Staying ahead of everyone:

Let’s face it, plagiarizing helps to save a lot of the plagiarist’s energy and time, hence allowing them to stay ahead of their fellow students and colleagues by meeting deadlines. They present the work way ahead of the alotted time frame and stay ahead of their colleagues. A plagiarist might argue that it’s cool that they submit their work well in advance whilst their friends and colleagues are still struggling to finish their job.

  • Making friends:

Just because a plagiarist is not exerting does not mean that he’s not smart enough to know the consequences of plagiarism and what might be waiting for him in store if he gets caught. So it comes naturally to him to befriend professionals such as lawyers and other writers that he can use in his hour of need.

  • Overnight success

A plagiarizer gains overnight success when he suddenly emerges on the writing scene and is already getting rave reviews for producing excellent quality work. Now, what no one knows is that in reality, this new kid on the block is posting not his own but the ideas and writings of seasoned and experienced writers as his own.

These are a few of the justifications that a plagiarist would give if asked why they do it. The bitter truth is that when it comes to plagiarism it does not matter if it is you who has plagiarized or someone (possibly someone to whom you have outsourced the writing work to) has submitted plagiarized work to you, and you put that up with no plagiarism check. The end result will be you being held accountable for plagiarism. Therefore it is necessary for you to steer clear of plagiarists. How can you do that? Well, the most definite answer is to carry out a plagiarism check for all content before posting it.

Plagiarism is a practice that is a growing trend amongst wannabe writers and bloggers. It is a growing concern for people who are actually working hard and producing original content, and in return, their work is being “stolen” and someone else is enjoying the praise for it. So make sure you check plagiarism and are certain that your writers are submitting quality and plagiarism free work to you. You can check for plagiarism with the help of a free plagiarism checker application available online. Now how to perform a plagiarism check? The answer is a plagiarism checker. Log on to and use its plagiarism checker free to register.

This plagiarism checker cross checks all content with millions of websites online. The comprehensive plagiarism check makes it hard for the plagiarists to plagiarize without getting caught.

Without a doubt the has the best plagiarism checker to check plagiarism that I have ever used. It is truly a plagiarist’s nightmare. It’s not as simple to plagiarize anymore thanks to its comprehensive plagiarism check. So, a word of advice for all they plagiarizers out there, “Think twice before plagiarizing”. The consequences of getting caught with the plagiarism checker will surely outweigh the temptation to plagiarize.


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