The holidays are just by the corner and almost everyone is anticipating the pleasures of the yuletide season. Christmas is probably the most widely observed holiday on the planet. It’s a period that generates a whole lot of excitement both in the minds of the young as well as the old.

However, as your kids grow older they tend to lose interest in certain things that previously amused them. This is a normal   phenomenon as their minds are getting more independent and relying on their perception and mental judgment of what is and isn’t important.

It therefore becomes your duty as a parent to ensure that no matter what, they are still interested in the things that really matter. Their new found maturity doesn’t need to translate into the end of Christmas in their lives. The following tasks will help you renew and maintain the Christmas magic and ensure that you have a really wonderful celebration.


Making a wish list presents Christmas as that time of the year when they get to freely ask for whatever they want. It doesn’t really matter if they believe in Santa or not, the most important thing is to get them excited at the prospect of getting new stuff. Associating that excitement with the Christmas season will help them develop appreciation for it.


There’s no point in making a list and not getting at least one of the items present on it. You do not necessarily have to get all the things on it. In fact, you are advised to sieve through the list and pick out those items you know they really need.


The best way to get a child interested in anything is to make them look forward to it. It is important that you create a certain sense of anticipation in their minds to get them really excited about the incoming holiday. The wish list achieves this but you can further enforce it by getting them Christmas themed items like holiday hats and bags with Christmas inscriptions, Christmas Books, etc.

The Works is a really nice online store where you could find these and many more items to suit your preference.


Turn every pre-holiday task into a fun filled adventure to get your kids actively involved in the preparations. You could all drive down to the farm and have them select a tree, take them on grocery shopping for Christmas dinner items, etc. This will make them feel important and they will greatly appreciate the respect you show.


You should make them understand that Christmas is more than just about presents and roasted turkeys. You have to make them appreciate Christmas as a season of care and showing love. Get them involved in community services. Volunteering at shelters or reading to the elderly at old people homes usually does the trick. This builds their character and makes them see Christmas as serious business and not just an excuse to get presents.

In all, the goal is to make them excited and committed in a way that makes them anticipate the next Christmas season immediately after the 25th. Teach them that Christmas is a time for family, love and care. Take them to the movies and other exciting places. Encourage them to make their own plans and come up with new ideas to make the holiday special.


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