How come despite traveling and staying at multiple hotels across cities and nations, there are memories of a specific hotel that you never seem to get out of and always anticipate in your upcoming trips?

The hospitality of some hotels leaves a lasting impression. It is easy to set up a two bed, bath and pantry anywhere and label it a hotel, but it takes continuous efforts and supreme service to be labeled class apart. What gives the hotel recognition is how well the guest’s experience was? After all, for the hospitality industry, the guest is the king.

Taking care of little details can build up to significantly enriching a customer’s experience. Today we will share with you some tips, implementing which will make sure your guest receive excellent service and have a pleasurable experience:


Hotel booking is made months, week, day or even one day before. Hotels can utilize the time in engaging their guest with their offers, stay details, campaigns and so on. Work on your hotel’s online presence by improving the details like description, photos. These details will create a lasting impression and make your hotel stand out while customers are just browsing. Even after they check-out, the window for customer engagement is still open. Sending a personalized or automated email, asking questions about their stay or offers they can help enhance the guest experience.


Anybody that enters a hotel is probably tired and need to relax before going about their day. A nice little chat by addressing them with their name, warmly, will set the tone for the rest of the stay.  A personalized welcoming kit is the best way to make a guest feel relaxed. It can have a tea set, cookies, customized hotel toiletries supplies. Always purchase these articles from a credible hotel toiletries suppliers to get the best in quality and cost. Order now and get free shipping on all orders over £300.


It is crucial for every hotel to stay abreast with the latest technological development in the hotel industry. Implementing automated solution and management systems will not only simplify your hotel’s daily routine but will also provide guests with an enhanced experience.


As much as it is essential to respond to customer’s feedback actively, an even more crucial action towards enriching guest’s experience is taking notes of these feedbacks and working on the lagging areas. Making improvements based on the feedback will help with your hotel’s performance, brand image and display your genuine interest in making your guest stay as enjoyable as possible.

While we are at it, let us discuss three common mistakes that hotels make in attending their guests:


You can not get away with keeping your hotel all ornate, providing supreme service and not having the courtesy to display manners. It might not seem like a big thing, but social niceties still go a long way in creating a good impression of the name. A simple sorry, please, thank displays appreciation of the customer’s presence.


Working in hospitality requires periodic training pertaining to customer service. To dispense excellent customer service, staff should be adequately trained and well-equipped with practical strategies that can help resolve problems of varying severity.


A staff that does not pay heed to their customer’s concern and is only busy in making money will not survive for long. Listening, understanding and taking immediate action to resolve the problem should be the duty of the hotel staff.

Incorporate these tips to make sure your guests have a delightful stay.


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