Switch to a better service provider with MNP

Make the switch to a better mobile provider in just a few steps and in under a week, with MNP.

MNP is an abbreviation of the term ‘Mobile Number Portability’. It is being offered for over a decade in India now, and it is offered mandatorily by all service providers on the instruction of the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

Under MNP, you can switch from your current service provider to another, to avail of the latter’s better services. You do not need to assign any formal reason for making the switch, however you must initiate the transfer with your current provider before approaching the new provider.

The biggest benefit of MNP is that you can retain your current number despite switching to a new provider. Everything else remains the same, but you must take a new postpaid or prepaid plan with the new provider before you can start using their services.

How does MNP help you?

  • Porting your number gives you the freedom to switch from one service provider to another in your quest to find better value for your money. This freedom that customers enjoy puts pressure on service provider to shed shoddy services and provide top notch ones.
  • As a customer, you can seek better service providers and postpaid/prepaid plans. Not only can you find plans priced lower than the one you are currently using, you can also get additional benefits when leading service providers have different MNP offers that you can try.
  • It is extremely easy to do. Request for porting to your current service provider. Once you have done this, you can approach the new service provider with your request, and give them the porting code that your current provider has issued you with.
  • The new provider then initiates the porting request and issues you with a SIM card. You can start using the SIM card after your previous provider has disconnected all services.

Still wondering if you should port? Here’s how you decide

If you are still on the fence about whether you should port your number or not, then the following reasons should sway your decision:

* There are better service providers out there.Why remain loyal to your current service provider if they don’t value your patronage as a customer? Other leading providers like Airtel are glad to serve you, and they have a spate of superb postpaid and prepaid recharge plans as well. Plus, Airtel has excellent customer care, and easy bill payment options online.

* Leading providers have superb MNP offers. Airtel also has MNP offers for those making the switch from other providers. Check the Airtel website or smartphone app for the MNP offers currently being offered. Meanwhile, they can also guide you on how to port from your current provider to their services.


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