Safety is the key during online Movie Ticket Booking

While it is a luxury being able to carry out online movie ticket bookings, there are certain precautionary measures that are important and need to be followed by the user. This set of measures is for the safety of the personal information of the user and should be adhered to at all times while performing any kind of online activity. Online hacking is a prevalent form of crime these days and while it may appear that online hackers are only after information related to the rich and affluent people, the fact is quite contrary to this assumption. Everyone who carries out a transaction online can be a potential target to fraudulent activities. Hence it is essential that we, the people who carry out these transactions, make few of the following a habit while engaging in such activities.

  1. The first and the most basic one is that all kinds of personal financial transactions should happen in a secure environment. The best place is your home or the office. Using a personal computer, laptop or mobile phone is the second crucial thing. Using mobile data or secured Wi-Fi connection is the third fundamental point.
  2. While making payments for online movie tickets booking it is best to use a credit card or an electronic wallet.  Either of these is safer than using the debit card or Netbanking because these are directly related to the user’s bank whereas the other two are not.
  3. Selection of strong and robust passwords is equally important. Whether it is your login password of your bank or a retailer where you are a registered user, make a combination of alphabets, numerals and characters that is seemingly difficult to hack through.
  4. Experts also advise that instead of clicking a link it is better to type the retailer’s website, when performing actions like movie ticket booking online using the World Wide Web. While typing or even using a link, it is advisable to check for the website address – it should typically bear the words ‘https’ which is an indication of a secure website. Websites that have a lock symbol at the beginning are also safe.
  5. Install anti-virus software in your personal computer or laptop.
  6. Using a dedicated email id that is meant only for receiving emails related to online financial activities is also a sensible idea. In this way, you will be able to avoid the spam emails that are disguised as sales promotion and notification emails.
  7. Every time you need to use your password or other such sensitive data, remember to log out at the end of the transaction or action, even if it is using your personal desktop or laptop.
  8. For any kind of online activity where your personal financial information is required like movie ticket booking, you must make sure to carry out such transactions from a reputed and trustworthy merchant or retailer site. In case you are not very sure of the merchant site and if there is an option of cash on delivery, it is better to opt for the same.


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