These days, CT scan procedures are recommended to patients to identify their internal health issues. X-ray technology is used by this procedure to take multiple internal views of the body. CT imaging when compared to regular x-ray procedure provides much better picture resolution of the blood vessels, soft tissues, organs, bones including other body parts.

What is PET CT scan used for?

Pet ct scan in Chennai is used for various diagnosing purposes, few of which are mentioned below:

  • To determine tumor location and size
  • Search for bleeding within the body
  • To study abdomen and chest
  • Diagnose blood vessel diseases
  • To diagnose and treat skeletal issues
  • To plan surgical procedures
  • To plan radiation for cancer treatment
  • To guide biopsies along with other tests
  • To identify injuries arising from trauma

Availing PET CT scan imaging

With advancement in medical science and the emergence of numerous hospitals and medical facilities offering top quality diagnosing and treatments, patients can now enjoyed improved treatment and quick recovery from different health ailments. These hospital and related institutions do provide patients with excellent and prompt CT imaging services for effective treatment. there are present numerous imaging & scanning centers across the country that provides the community with top quality PET and CT scanning services. They do offer patients coming from all over the country and abroad with soothing and warm, spa type atmosphere. But, it is necessary to understand that none of the procedures are free completely from risk. Hence, the patient is strongly advised to consult a good doctor who will recommend if PET CT Scan will be necessary or not. the doctor is also likely to go through the list of complications possible, which might include the following:

  • Allergic reaction towards contrast material
  • Damage caused to kidney from various contrast materials

In several cases, the benefits offered by CT scan seems to outweigh risks of any amount since it provides the doctor with sufficient knowledge and a clean image when compared to those provided by a regular x-ray. Browsing through the web is sure to provide more information about CT and PET CT scan and how it can save lives.

A life savior

As a matter of fact, CT imaging can be termed to be a miracle in the field of medicine. Different types of health issues can be identified and diagnosed immediately using this device. Moreover, the image created is accurate and helps to generate reports and further treatment to be conducted on the patient to do away with the ailment faced. When compared to x-rays and ultrasonography, its results are found to be much more accurate. The images derived are quite beneficial enough to detect and to assist physicians to develop proper treatment plans to treat variety of diseases such as cancer, brain disorders and heart problems.

Procedure accuracy is based upon the equipment type to be used including the skills achieved by the technicians carrying out the tests. The CT imaging center chosen for treatment is to use current available technology. Such imaging centers are likely to deliver top quality results with regards to scanned reports and images. The center also needs to be well equipped with well trained, experienced CT technicians, to ensure that every patient is provided with the very best service and scan results. The technicians do offer great clarity in the produced images. During CT scan process, the patients are to feel comfortable throughout the session, since it might take some time for the procedure to complete. Hence, it becomes crucial to select one of the best pet ct scan centre in Chennai.

Why need PET & CT Scan?

When medical scanning is concerned, the terms CT and PET scans have become common. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) scans are the two types of imaging devices which medical practitioners recommend their patients. It is used to identify and pinpoint the exact location, positioning and state of the disease present within the patient’s body. CT and PET scans are generally used for assessing deadly diseases affecting the patient like brain disorders, cardio-vascular abnormalities and cancer, PET scan is used for identifying active cell location, while CT is meant to capture images of the different parts of the body.

Tips to prepare for the PET CT scan

If referred to visit CT or PET scan by the physician, the patient needs to be adequately prepared prior to visiting the imaging center. Following some useful guidelines, it becomes much easier to stay prepared for undergoing PET scans.

  • Medical history: Past medical records are to be carried by the patient to enable the physician to understand past and current medical condition.
  • Diabetic medication: Diabetic patients are often referred by their physicians to undergo CT and PET scans. The imaging center needs to be checked up with to identify if diabetic medication needs to be avoided prior to availing the PET scan.
  • Medications: List of medications that are being taken currently should be taken along to the imaging center. Moreover, it will be useful to make note of medications that have been taken and if it has effect upon the person.
  • Food: Majority of the CT and pet scan procedures are conducted early in the morning and will require avoiding consuming food for minimum 8 hours before taking the imaging procedure.
  • Water: Consume four glasses of water at the least prior to visiting the imaging center.
  • On the examination day, it will be wise to arrive at least thirty minutes early before the scheduled time.
  • Diabetic patients are to take along glucometer to the imaging center.
  • Be prepared physically as the patient might require to raise his/her arms above the head for about 35 minutes throughout the imaging procedure.
  • It will be necessary to commit around 3 to 4 hours for CT and PET scans together.
  • On reaching home, do consume plenty of water. Fluid intake will help the body to eliminate radioactivity quickly.
  • Radioactive injection will be provide during PET imaging process. As no side effects are present, nothing needs to be worried about.

Being well prepared can help the patient to get the best scan report, identify the issues and get proper treatment and enjoy quick recovery.


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