Make the Most of Hackathons for Growth

Learning is an asset that is with everyone. If you are learning new things, you are growing. A person, a group, a department or an organization that ceases to learn cannot grow in their profession. The idea is to bring newness in your ways of working so as to learn new things. You can always come up with fantastic options that are important and effective.

Have you ever used the platform called ‘Online hackathons? Of course, hackathons are really popular in the present time. Whether SMEs or multinational companies; you can find them all making the most of hackathons.   The concept has some exciting and effective rewards for your employees and as a whole your organization. During the duration of a Hackathon, the participants spend a short span of time that is generally between 24-48h that can even go up to one week.  The idea is about creating,empowering and catering a product. The setup is to code in a stringent manner that too in a collective way, to begin from scratch and end with a brilliant working example. It is generally a kind of competition, wherein diverse teams of developers, professionals, programmers and project managers get together to design &they design a wonderful product or a software project.  At the end of the program, you can find different types of tools, apps or software designed and formed.

The whole episode is kind of a team work. So the whole thing of creating teams and working on a specific project gives you the chance to work in a real life setting, it means, that is how it might work in the industry.  The staff members who work for your organization have to learn to perform with individuals who belong to diverse background, possess various skills set and so on.   What might be a better way than a format of hackathon to get comfortable with it?Generally the teams do include a maximum of four individuals. A person can also work all by himself but it would be better if he works in team because such a thing would bring him utmost knowledge and exposure.

Should you send your employees for hackathons?

Yes, there should be no doubt about it. You must consider hackathons for your case you send your staff members to attend such a concept, it might be a huge event for them. It can eventually enhance their knowledge and it all, as a whole, ends up doing benefit to the organization.  Even if your staff members participated in the hackathonhas no idea about the individuals performing in the team, they would get to know during the process. In this way there would be rich learning. Your staff members would not just get to know how to create something or what to do to solve an issue; but they would also know about how other professionals or individuals work in the similar situations. Certainly, it is better to be equipped with all types of ways that are possible in a specific situation.

Moreover, there is another powerful benefit and that is links and networking. When your staff members familiarise with the people participating in the program from different organizations and backgrounds; they end up with making links. Your employees might make some friends or links that end up benefitting your organization sooner or later. Of course, you can always keep so many doors open. In this way, you can expand your reach and make sure you have people implanted in different corners of the industry. Whether it is in the form of links or friends; acquaintances can be of great help at times.

They can join hackathon online too

Since sometimes it is not possible for the individuals to gather from different places and farfetched locations; the concept of online hackathon is also getting admired. More and more people can participate in such a hackathon program and give their inputs.  The only difference would be that the individuals work from their respective places and they are not gathered in a physical manner. Otherwise, their tasks are getting performed and they are working together to invent something or to solve a problem. Moreover, the online version of hackathons is absolutely cost effective too. Since nobody has to travel places to gather at a specific spot; a lot of money gets saved. Similarly, there would not be any need of making any special arrangements for the candidates like sitting area, room, hall or so on. Since everybody is participating through online platform, hackathons unrolls with ease and less expense.

Think of a rich recruitment

In case you have a plan to conduct a hackathon that is brilliant news. Many professionals, learners, programmers and coding experts are going to gather to make something great. In this way, once you have the professionals or beginners accumulated in your campus or online to participate, you can evaluate and supervise the people and cater a job to someone who seems to be really brilliant to you. In this way, you might end up making the best recruitments.   It might not come as a surprise to you that many businesses have already made some of the premium recruitments through hackathons. They looked at the participants and evaluated their performance and on the basis of that offered the individuals a job offer. After all, it is about making the most of every opportunity. You should never stop looking for gems. Since the candidates participants taking part in the hackathon belong to different places, you get to access the talent from different areas of the world. And one more thing, since the participants are simply giving in their hundred percent to perform well in the hackathon so as to make something grand or useful; they have no idea that they might get recruited by you. The point is that nobody comes with the preparation in the hackathon to impress the recruiters. In this way you get real performers.


Thus, gather the best talent and skills in your organization with the help of hackathons. It is a tool that is trendy in the contemporary age!


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