Ideas for planning a rustic themed wedding

Rustic theme means the one that is closer to the countryside. If you already live on a countryside or have your origin there you will know exactly how fun the weddings are there and with yourwedding approaching you might even have that theme in your mind so you can enjoy those type of wedding. Nowadays weddings have become so much of a formality that people don’t even go for these type of theme which is just plain sad and if you are a fun loving person you will just love the idea of Rustic themed wedding. To plan such a wedding you need to have a guide and some ideas on what to do so here are someof the ideas that will help you plan the perfect rustic themed wedding

Choosing a venue

To plan a rustic themed wedding you have to choose the venue very carefully. Having it in the countryside would be even better but if you can’t do that then there are the wedding decorations that can look like that. Most of all the venue is of great importance and you have to choose a barn and even a loft or any garden and this will provide you just the rustic vibe you want to have in your wedding

Wedding decoration

Even if you can’t find a venue like that you can organize the wedding in the ballroom and there you have to decorate it to provide the rustic vibe. For that, you have to make sure that all the materials are natural like wood, wildflowers, hay bales, mason jars, Lanterns, etc. Hire a good wedding planner and they will know how to have a decoration like that.


Food is the most important part of the wedding and to plan the rustic themed wedding you have to make sure that all the food items look home cooked. You have to go for roasted chicken, pasta, salads, bread and for drinks you can choose the lemonade, strawberry wine,and the moonshine. This theme will give you such a nostalgic feeling to you and anyone who has ever lived in the country side. Having baked items is also very important in this wedding theme and make sure the desert involves baked items dripping in syrup too.


Now as far as the dressing is concerned to make sure all the dresses are very relaxed and nothing too much. With this wedding theme the simpler the better. As far as the flower girl dresses are concerned you can get the lace flower girl dresses or even the ivory flower girl dresses in the boots and a leather belt. For the groom, it is not necessary to have a three-piece suit and just ditch the idea of a tuxedo, in fact,you can go for something less formal.

For the pictures, you can do little DIY projects of this theme and the music definitely should be country and just like that you have planned a great rustic themed wedding


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