How to Write a Construction Quality Control Plan

In a construction quality control plan, the one who writes it should have a section for signatures of all the participants. It shows that everyone has read and agreed to the program. The project must also have space for information. In this manner, it becomes easier to end with the right project folders. When the administrative parts are in place, one can write the quality control plan correctly. It is essential for construction safety.

An Organized Chart and Documentation

A construction quality control plan begins with an organisational chart. It permits the company to establish the responsibilities of the individuals. A page displaying the entire process and flow makes it much easier for the participants to remember and follow. It is like a reference page, so there is no risk of anyone forgetting it and is beneficial in construction safety management.

With an organised chart, there should be a documentation of certifications or resumes. The page also describes the qualifications each member should hold. It is advantageous for the projects which need specific skills. Hence, all those involved should feel safe and secure as regards the qualifications of everyone.

Decide the Responsibilities

The second part of a construction quality control plan should specify the responsibilities of the quality control manager. This section should lay some rights and powers to the quality control manager. It enlists the duties of each which they can refer to at any time. Some standard responsibilities include approving, preparing and implementing the construction quality control plan, verifying materials, maintaining documents, etc. but these must be laid out well so that there is no confusion whatsoever. It should also have a Stop Work Authorization Letter. The letter signed by the stakeholders or the owner propels the quality control manager to stop the work which is not at par with their standards, or when the materials do not pass the test.

Define the Work

The next part of a construction quality control plan should define the work in the construction site safety. The quality control managers should write all the specific features of the project. It is followed by how the contractors will finish the work including their point of contact. It helps the quality control manager to reach out to them if something goes missing.

Inspection Phases

A section of a construction quality plan should describe the inspection phases. Sometimes preparatory meetings are held before sending a few elements over the crew, specifications, and more. After the initial inspection that confirms testing and control, it establishes the quality level and proves it in addition to re-examining the work. Eventually, a follow-up inspection takes place. It assures the quality of the final product followed by quality control procedures. The quality control manager can also ask the contractor to change parts or materials that need to be as part of the construction safety.

Quality Control Tests and Verifications

The last part of the construction quality control includes verification, testing, tracking, submittals, and weekly logs. It will describe the tests to be managed, the time frame given by the quality control manager before the test, what to do when a test fails, the manner in which the records are stored and the procedures following it. It should also include a schedule of agencies to test and inspect, the field they will investigate, the real date and the estimated date. It describes the procedure for submittals besides the construction site safety.

The final part should include a section for tracking issues. This kind of constructions safety checklist makes it easier to follow a construction quality control plan.


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