How to Build Links for Your Website In 2019

While working in the SEO, there are a number of techniques that you put to use. How you strategize working on your website makes all the difference in the world. Therefore, it is important to note what techniques work for your blog now and what techniques you should use next. Link building is one such technique. It comes under the umbrella of off page SEO which is the use of offline marketing including but not limited to social media marketing, link building and social bookmarking. Here is what link building is and how you can put it to your use.

What is link building in SEO?

Google Page Rank was Google’s first algorithm to rank websites. Google Page Rank is still a benchmark algorithm in the SEO. What it does is that it takes into account the total number of links associated with the website to determine the quality of the website. But remember that the quality of the links associated with your website is equally important for Google Page Rank. You can guess how important link building is in SEO when it was the earliest used factor by Google. Well, with the help of this tool you can easily generate new backlinks for your website. Click here;

When we say that a website has a link associated to their blog, it means that another website has mentioned a link to their website. It is interesting why it matters so much in the SEO. Of course, how can a link added by one website can determine the credibility of the other website? But wait. Do website owners add links for no reason? There is a context behind every link. If I’m writing a blog post on How to Make the Greatest Coffee in the World and I want to add some information regarding how sugar affects the flavor in coffee but I don’t have such a blog post on my website, I can find another blog that has this information and add a link to it. When adding this link, I know that my viewers will open it and when I am referring a website on my website, I have to make sure that it adds value for the user. Think of all the websites as a network. Each website’s worth is determined by measuring the links it has made with other websites.

How to build links to your website?

Like implied in the above mentioned example, most of the link building is natural. When people like your content, they refer it to other people. If we are writing a blog post on howto Make Sure That the Grammar in Your Content Is Flawless, if we know of a grammar checker tool that is available for free online, we will add a link to it. This is because we want to deliver to our own audience. In SEO however, it has become a deliberate technique to associate other websites with yours. But this does not mean that every website that gets associated with you deliberately is a spam link. If you put in enough effort, you can create a network that will be trustworthy for everyone.

Improve the quality of your content

If you work on making your content flawless, it will solve all your SEO issues. But flawless or quality content does not just mean the use of revolutionary ideas. There is a lot of other technical stuff as well. I you want to improve the ideas in your content, you can start by adding more time in researching about the content that you want to post. You can start working on the grammar of the blogs. There should be no plagiarism. Most of the content should be in active voice. Keyword density should be between 2- 3%. Don’t try to add irrelevant details. Use of images will help accentuate the whole reading experience of the blog. Make sure to add credits to every website you are using images from. Once your content is good, you won’t have to worry about finding natural links. People will automatically refer your content to other people.

Guest blogging

This is one of the best ways to start improving the total links associated with your blog. What this means is that you should write for other blogs. A lot of times you will see websites publishing guest content. This is because a blogger from another website is invited to write for that blog. So there is a publisher website and there is the guest writer. When the guest writer gets published on the blog, he or she also receives back links. One is added in the author’s section and the other is added before the blog. Guest blogging can really help in improving the overall links associated with your blog because it is one of the credible sources of link building. When you are guest blogging, you reach out to websites who operate in your niche. When a link gets attached to your blog, you also enjoy the leisure of getting traffic on your blog. The publisher blog generates revenue through the publication of your blog. Sometimes this money is shared with the author of the content as well. But don’t be surprised if that is not the case. You can bring not only a lot of links through guest blogging but also you can focus on overall quality of the links associated with your blog.

Internal link building

Links are not just built from external websites. You can also add a link to your own website on your website. Basically you will add a link to a blog post on another blog post. It is a great technique if you want to market yourself. You know you have got the audience and it is interested in a particular niche. In a blog post titled Top 5 Breakfast Smoothies, you can add a link to another post titled Why You Should Add Smoothies In Your Breakfast. This will help you build links and also keep sending traffic back and forth on your website to keep them engaged. A lot of SEO experts do this.


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