How the Internet is Changing the Contact Lens Industry

A contact lens is a thin artificial lens that is directly placed on the eye. It’s mostly used for therapeutic and corrective purposes such as managing myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness), and astigmatism. These conditions are affecting lots of people globally each day and their prevalence rates are very alarming. For instance, WHO projects the prevalence for the eye conditions to in increase by 24% by 2050.

Surprisingly, most users of corrective and therapeutic contact lenses are individuals from Asia-Pacific. There is no clear reason why this is the case but some experts argue that it might be a case of genes. While the Asian-Pacific market concentrates on therapeutic and corrective contact lenses, the American and European market are thrilled by the cosmetic (lifestyle-oriented) contact lenses. A majority of people in the US and Europe visit the best online contact lens stores to buy designs that they can wear for fun and not because they have an underlying eye condition.

So, why is the market for contact lens this big? What is the real driving force? To answer both questions, we can only link the growth to one thing: the internet. Let’s look at the key players.

  1. Contact Lens Subscription Boxes

By now, you must be aware of subscription boxes for watches, tampons, and food. Well, the contact lens industry has not been left behind. Nowadays, you can subscribe for contact lens and have monthly deliveries made to your doorstep. This is what Hubble, a US-based contact lens subscription box, does. Considering that over 45 million US residents use contact lenses, a majority of them come from Hubble. Hubble normally gets your contact lens prescription from your local doctor before they can start the monthly delivery. You are expected to part with $33 every month.

The internet has enabled Hubble not only to serve the American community but the global market too. When you are interested in what they are offering when you visit their website, they send you contact lenses that you can use for two weeks (for trial purposes). The good news is that it’s all for free. You are only expected to pay the shipping fee which is a standard $3.

  1. Google and Samsung Gets into Contact Lens Manufacturing

When Google gets into any kind of technology, you should expect their activities to go viral. They are now making contact lenses that are popularly known as Smart Contact Lenses. Just imagine a contact lens that connects you to the internet like a smartphone. It allows you to see the real world as it is. Experts predict that in the next few years, the Smart Lenses will be a great platform for the development of applications like in the case of Android. Samsung has also joined the smart contact lens manufacturing business and they have products of their own which are equally as great as Google’s.

There is no doubt that the internet plays an important role in the growth of the contact lens industry. Whether it’s as a medium of distribution or an access point, the internet is the real driver of the contact lens economy. It is also why we all know of these lenses and why we want to use them.


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