Nowadays, there is a tough competition amongst small businesses. You gain some customers, you lose some but you always have to put in your best efforts and time to come up with marketing strategies day after day.

But as you are working hard to acquire new customers, make sure you don’t lose the old ones. To make any business successful, you will have to build a good rapport with your customers and connect with them better.

To make sure your customers keep coming back to you, it is essential that you make them happy. So, ensure that you show them that you care about them and they are your priority.

Read along the tips given below to show your customers how much you care about them.

1. Offer tips on the house discount

This will be valid if you run a cafe, restaurant or salon where your employees get tips from the customers. Here you are saving your customer’s money by offering them a discount on the total bill which is accepted as a reasonable tip in the service industry. State it the way you like it and tell your customers that you will take care of it.

2. Get a survey done

Ask your customers whether they would like to participate in a survey after the payment. Get the survey done by offering them a pen and questionnaire or do everyone a favour offer by getting that survey done electronically as it will save both of you valuable time. You can also show your feedback by posting it near the checkout area or the door and while you are at it do not forget to post it on social media. Also, make sure that the survey stays interesting by changing the questions and options.

3. Offer a giveaway

Offer your customers a small free item at the time of payment. Doing so will ensure that they remember the exceptional service that they received. Ensure that it is not an advertising gimmick and it suits your business.

For example, if you own a stationary and someone comes to buy a set of books, chart papers or envelopes, show them your very own cheap printed pens and let them choose one for themselves. Seriously, what good are notes and papers if you don’t have a pen to write on?

Plus, a printed pen will help others know about your services or products. So all in all, not a bad investment.

4. Give rewards

Offer rewards to your customers for being loyal to you. You can achieve great results with a punch-type card system. For example, if you run a car wash business, offer the fifth car wash for free or maybe a flat 50% discount. If you own a pizza shop, give a discount on every 10th pizza.

You can get more creative with the idea by running a weather-related discount. For example, if the weather goes above 70 today, everyone gets a 15% off on all products shopped till 8 pm, or whatever minus 100 the yesterday’s highest temperature was. You will see good results if you run an ice cream shop.

5. Offer free deliveries

Offer free deliveries to those who are ordering purchases above 100£ or give a specific discount based on their purchase depending on your industry or service. Everyone loves free shipping.

Well, what about free local deliveries? If you are able to provide services like the ones offered by large businesses, there’s no reason why your business won’t be as successful as them.

Also, think about your products and whether they can be delivered to the doorstep of your customers. Give this a thought and watch your business get a much needed boost.

We hope you got good idea on how you can show your customers that you care about them. This will not only help  retain previous customers but also acquire new ones. Keep in mind that ideas don’t have to be expensive but simple enough that will end up getting customer’s attention.

Since you hae a lot of competition, try to get as creative as you can, think out of the box and outsmart your competition. And, even if they copy your idea, it will give you more word of mouth benefits as people will know who the creator was in the first place.


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