Lost a loved one because of somebody’s else’s fault?

No amount of sympathy will be able to compensate for the pain inflicted upon you by someone’s negligence.

But what you need to remember is that a person needs to held accountable for their carelessness.

Yes, you should file a wrongful death lawsuit.

It would in your best interest if you have cognizance of what entails a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful Death:

When somebody dies because of carelessness or incompetence of somebody else, the latter can be sued with a wrongful death claim by kin of the former. Wrongful death can result from a medical malpractice, motor accident, dying because of consuming or using defective products, intentional harm, etc. They are a part of civil lawsuits and help the family members and relatives of the demised person to be able to get justice for their loss, which includes pre-death medical expenses, loss of earning, loss of consortium, etc. The minute you are made aware of the fact that your beloved family member has died because of someone’s else’s negligence, immediately call your personal injury attorney in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

People who can file the lawsuit:

Parents, spouse, children and the beneficiaries of the deceased estate are allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Depending upon certain state’s law, grandparents, and dependants can also file the lawsuit.

The compensation:

The damages that are reimbursed by filing a wrongful death claim, again, depend upon states in which the claim has been submitted. In Lake Charles, Louisiana, the claimant is compensated for :

  • Loss of family member, companionship, guidance;
  • Loss of income
  • Loss  of quality of life
  • Pain and mental trauma
  • Inheritance Loss
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical expense including bills for emergency care given to the deceased
  • Support system loss

But for you to be able to get this compensation, your injury attorney needs to build a strong case. Wrongful Death attorneys at Lundy Law LLP hold extensive experience in helping family members fight and win the battle against the delinquent person or party.

The statute of Limitation:

Yes, there is a statute of limitation within which a case has to be filled for it to be contested. The family and relatives of the deceased have a limited window of time to file a lawsuit. Depending upon the state, the next of kin is given a time frame of 1-3 years to file the lawsuit. FAiling to do so, might bar them from contesting the lawsuit eternally.

People who are Immune from such claims:

Depending upon the state’s laws, certain government agencies and their employees are immune from being sue with a wrongful death lawsuit. For example: In the case of a medical malpractice claim, if FDA has approved the name brand, the maker of the medicines cannot be held liable for any death that resulted from its consumption.

You must seek justice for our departed family members. You can trust upon Lundy Law LLP attorney in Lake Charles, Louisiana to get you the justice and the compensation, you so rightfully deserve.

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