Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers are devices that transfer heat from one liquid or gaseous state to another in order to change the temperature. They are constructed with tubes or plates and are commonly used to transfer heat from air to air or water or water. Heat exchanger manufacturer play an important role in the operations and design of several machines such as power generators, vehicles, air conditioning, etc.

Heat Exchangers come in a variety of configurations, depending on overall function and location. They are constructed with a flat plate design and tube design. Air, liquid or steam flow through a common network of heat conducting tubes or cavities.

Also, Heat Exchangers are depended on power generation facilities to recycle the heat and to prevent processes from overheating. There are a lot of industries that use heat exchangers for the process and equipment included are chemical, electronic, automotive, marine, and aerospace.

Use of Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers are usually used for waste heat recovery. In the process, the excess heat is captured and used in another process that requires heat. The process is environment-friendly and it can also be used to cool the refrigerator and air conditioner. The process saves both energy and money because the waste recovery utilizes a pre-existing heat source. The process makes you get rid of the need for fossil fuels or electricity to generate heat.

However, the process has some limitations and that must be of high quality and durable. It also involves a high level of pressure and stress.

Types of Heat Exchanger

  • Extended Surface Heat Exchanger: These are customized designs for various people for centrifugal compressor intercoolers. They are capable of cooling large volume of air or nitrogen at minimal pressure loss. It is possible to cool water by the close temperature approach. It is the most energy efficient and compact solution for your gas cooling application. Heat exchanger Manufacturer.
  • High-Pressure Shell: It is recommended to design the Heat Exchanger with gas on tube side and water on the shell side when gas is having pressure more than 50 bar. It is a removable tube bundle with a packed floating tube sheet design.
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger: They are most commonly used in all industries like refineries, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, oil, and gas shipping. The typical use of Heat Exchanger is to cool or heat the fluids or gases.
  • Compact Heat Exchanger: These are compact shell and tube type which are used for general purpose oil coolers. They are designed for a variety of industrial applications and are mainly used as Lubrication Oil Coolers.
  • Pressure Vessels: They are commonly used in most of the industries like refineries, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, etc. These pressure vessels are mainly used as Gas Storage, Water Storage, Fuel Tank, and Buffer Vessels.

How to choose the right Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

Although most of the heat exchanger manufacturer use the most advanced technology for a variety of heat transfer applications which are used in various industries such as chemical industry, offshore, oil and gas, etc. The difference among heat exchanger manufacturers is in their plate design, capacity range, product range, etc.

But, before choosing the right heat exchanger manufacturer, It is highly recommended to prepare the list of the specification. List down some things such as fluid type, fluid flow type, your budget, your requirement, and your custom request. It is not a difficult task to determine a Heat Exchanger Manufacturer once you have figured out what you want. Hence, it is very important to know your requirements and then go forward.

Why Heat Exchanger is necessary

Heat Exchangers are also used for commercial purposes including hot tub, and swimming pool heaters, air conditioners, and home radiators. Sometimes overheated fluids can cause serious safety concerns, so it is very important that heat exchanger is properly working. They are used to transfer steam exhaust so that it can be used somewhere else too. Transferring steam or heat exhaust can increase efficiency and save money.

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