photo studio on rent in Delhi

For budding photographers opting for a photo studio on rent in Delhi might seem to be a feasible option. But the road is not easy as a lot of permutations and combinations come into play. So to rent a photography studio there are some pointers you need to pay heed as follows

How easy would it be for you to move things in and out of the studio?

If the dream studio is on the fourth floor and if you have to climb the stairs every now and then with your luggage it becomes a major issue. This could pose a problem if you have regular deliveries of stock for shooting. At an initial stage it might not be a major problem, but down the line it could become a time consuming and Herculean task. It could turn off your clients.

How weather is going to have an impact on the space?

For a photographer who wants to use natural light for their photo shoots they need to be aware where the sun is at all times of the day to shoot. No point in having a studio that faces the sun for a few hours when you intend to shoot in the sun all day along. Numerous apps are there which would guide you on how to work out the path of the sun at different times of the day.

What about the temperature out there?

When we are discussing about weather, temperature assumes a lot of importance when you are choosing a space for the studio. For the summer months you might find a cool spot, but what about the winter months. If the building is not energy efficient the chances are high that you might find yourself in a spot that is uncomfortable to shoot during winter months. Yes you can heat up these places but these would eat into your budget and heating a studio is not an easy job.

Is there enough space

When you are renting a studio there are going to be empty spaces that will make you look the premises huge. Be aware that once the gear is inside the whole place might look a bit small. Go with a camera that has the longest lens and ensure you are comfortable shooting with it.

Is there good connectivity in the studio?

Till today there are frustrating areas where your cell phones do not work properly. Do not take things for granted as your phone will work. This might seem to be small issue, but as a professional you are in for trouble if you are non-contactable. The first thing that people look for is a cell phone when they are trying to establish contact with you.

Most photographers also need an internet connection where they can send out images to their clients and download them. If you do not have a stable connection then more trouble awaits you.


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