6 Tips For Choosing The Mattress For Back Pain: Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Are you looking for the mattress that could help you with back pain? Also if you are regretting buying that current mattress that you have now, then this post is for you.  People who suffer from immense back pain cannot just sleep on any random mattress. As their body needs to be aligned in a straight line while sleeping. So here are some quick tips on choosing a mattress if you are suffering from back pain. These can save your both your spine and money in the long run. So let’s get started.

Find a Medium firm mattress for back pain:

The firmness of mattress is not what the only issue that matters here. It is crucial that you check the ability to hold the weight and pain-relieving aspects of a mattress. A medium firm mattress is the best for its ability to reduce back pain. Most of the orthopedics suggest getting a medium firm mattress for their patients. Not only it gives you better sleep but also lowers the chance of getting back pain in the future.  Medium firm memory foam mattress is the best mattress available in the market right now.

Find a good sleeping position:

It is tough to sleep while having chronic back pain.  As a result, you cannot but have the much necessary rest after a whole day of working. Just buying a good mattress isn’t going to cut it. So try to find a good sleeping position for good back health as well. Follow the rest of the post to learn more about how to sleep with back pain.

Side sleeping with a pillow:

If you are already a side sleeper, we have an excellent news for you! Now you have the perfect excuse to sleep in this condition without any hesitation. But do remember to keep a pillow between your knees. It will give you extra support there. Your body loses its natural alignment when you sleep on your side. But keeping a pillow there is going to align it again. If you see that there is a gap between your waist and mattress, you can keep another pillow to get more support. Also, Memory foam mattress is believed to be the best mattress for side sleepers by users, so consider I buying it too.

Fetal position:

Fetal position is kind of like sleeping on your side.  But the big difference here is bringing the knees closer to the chest. You can curl up your body in this position and make the back pain more tolerable. Get the best memory foam mattress for the giving the best comfort for your body.

Sleep on your back with a pillow:

Sleeping on the back is considered as the best sleeping position for back pain and related problems. Your back gets some relax while they’re on the mattress. As your spine does not have to carry the weight. For extra support keep a pillow under your back. It is going to provide soft support to the back.

Alignment is everything:

The reason behind your back pain does not matter as much as keeping the back on alignment all the time. It is vital while you are going through the pain. You should never let your back to be held in a wrong position for a long time. Otherwise, it could get more and more damaged. The mattress that can keep your weight and protects the body is the best one. There are mattresses which sink when someone even sits on it. These kinds of mattresses are the worst for back pain. You should get the best memory foam mattress. As it does not have these kind of problems.


Though mattress plays do play a significant role in the sleeping quality, patients with back pain cannot just rely on a mattress to cure it. You need to have a proper plan including your sleeping position and proper body alignment as well. We hope this article helped to understand them better.


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