5 Tips To Crack IAS Interview

UPSC Mains 2018 results are out! It is time for those aspirants who have managed to clear the mains examination to buck up and polish your skills for the Personality Test/ the interview. And those who could not make the cut this time remember why you started and approach the upcoming prelims exam as a fresh start to achieve your dreams. Do not stop until you have achieved your goal!

UPSC interview is the proverbial gateway for you to get into your dream service. Marks scored in the interview is crucial for a candidate’s final ranking. It is essential for the candidates to understand that the interview carries 300 marks and is the last hurdle to get into the final rank list. The interview is a test of one’s overall personality besides knowledge and intelligence. Traits such as honesty, integrity, judgment, attentiveness and leadership qualities are tested.

UPSC exams need a different approach and require preparation for all the 3 levels to be integrated. Preparation for mains cannot start after the prelims and similarly, the interview preparation cannot begin after writing the mains examination. One starts the interview and mains exam preparation the day he/she begins preparation for prelims.

Here are 5 quick tips to crack IAS interview and get a good score.

  1. Be up to date with current affairs

Being aware of the Current events and reading the newspaper is an indispensable part of UPSC exam preparation. It does not end even after you crack the exam. Do not stop the habit of reading the newspaper and analyzing the events soon after you are done writing the mains examination. Do make sure you have read the newspaper thoroughly even on the day of your interview. Many questions might branch out of that day’s newspaper.

  1. Know your DAF

A candidate is required to fill in a Detailed Application Form (DAF) and submit it on the official website of UPSC when he/she qualifies for Mains. It is a very crucial document containing all the information pertaining to the candidate. Many questions during the interview could be directly based out of your DAF. Hence, it becomes important to study your DAF thoroughly and prepare well from areas like hobbies, past work experience, educational qualification, service preference etc. It becomes absolutely essential to know what is in the DAF precisely and completely.

  1. Cultivate your body language

Your body language speaks more than what you say. Make sure you greet your interview panel with a smile and stay calm & composed throughout your interview process. Maintain eye contact while answering the questions, timely and occasional hand gestures could help you create a good impression. Avoid abrupt laughter while answering or listening to the questions.

  1. Listen attentively before you speak

Be super attentive when a question is being asked and answer to the point. It is completely okay to ask the panel to repeat the question if you did not understand it. Do not try to engage the panel in irrelevant and unnecessary conversations. Make sure you let the panelist complete his question before you jump in to give your answer. Never cut off the panelist midway while he/she is talking.

  1. Stand up for what you believe.

There could come situations where the panelists want to test your stance over any issue. They might bombard you with facts and their opinions which could be contradictory to yours. Make sure to stand by what you believe and explain your stance backed with facts and examples. Respect their opinions too, but prove your stand well enough for them to understand your viewpoint on the issue.

Confidence is the key to ace the UPSC interview. Do not try to present a fake personality just to impress the interview board. Prepare yourself with a positive attitude and an alert mind. Do not get stressed out or panicky when the interview board tries to fire questions at you. They are testing your ability to handle stress and still make fair decisions. After all, that is what a civil servant is expected to do once he joins the service.

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