We all know that whatsapp is one of the most popular app in the world. People use it for all kind of work either it is for official purpose or personal, So we can say that it is the most basic app which used by over 1 billion people. But many people find that there is lack of some important features that’s why they turn their way for a modded version of whatsapp like GBwhatsapp or Yowhatsapp.

When people are searching for an upgrade version of whatsapp at that point Yousef Al-Basha launched Yowhatsapp. Yowhatsapp filled with lots of new as well as updated features that are missing in regular whatsapp. It not easy to find this on app store but you can download it from its official site in the form of APK. Here we have discussed some of the reasons for use Yowhatsapp over regular Whatsapp. When you will YoWhatsApp Download, at that point you will get total establishment bundle of YoWhatsApp.

5 Reasons to use Yowhatsapp over regular Whatsapp

Quality Image sharing

In the regular whatsapp there is low quality of images has been assigned whereas in yowhatsapp you can share high-quality images without any blurriness or splitting graphics. This will improve the experience for both the sender and receiver. Clear images save the visibility of the user’s eyes and do not irritate him.

The message without saving number

Regular WhatsApp allows the chatting access for only those people who are saved in our contacts whereas in yowhatsapp you chat with anonymous people by just typing its phone number. You did not need to save the number and filling your phone storage.

Hide media from the gallery

In regular whatsapp the media gallery always shows under the media history until you don’t delete them permanently. But in the case of yowhatsapp you have the facility to keep the media save into your phone and also hide it from media history. There are some sort of things that a person don’t want to show another and want to keep them personal, this feature becomes very helpful for them.


There are very limited themes are available in the regular whatsapp and people can’t change them even if they don’t like it. Yowhatsapp gives you the facility to use different types of themes according to your requirements as there are a large variety of themes available and there is no limitation on the number of themes that you can use.

Send large Media files

It is a major reason while we talk about the comparison between whatsapp and yowhatsapp. There is very limited file size allowed for the share in regular whatsapp, because of that many peoples don’t able to get what they want. So, considering this issue in mind makers of yowhatsapp increases the file sharing size up to 700MB which truly impressive step. Now people are able to send a file size even equal to a size of the movie file.


Except from the major reasons decribed above there are some small reasons as well like Apply Fingerprint, Send any type file like zip etc, Change font family, Anti-Delete messages (People will not be able to delete your message), Hide bluetick, second tick, Recording, typing, etc., Customize every page of yowhatsapp, Hide Name of person to whom you are chatting, Hide profile photo. Toward the end in the event that you care about protection, don’t utilize it and on the off chance that not, you will like it. Kindly utilize smartphones cautiously.

After considering all of the reasons and facts we can easily concludes that yowhatsapp has all the valid reasons for accepting it.


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