5 Not so Cliché Party Supplies For A Party Cooler Than Antarctica (including parties of one)

Party Trends is a company whose website makes me immediately want to throw a party. Then, the more I looked through the website, I didn’t even need the party anymore, I just wanted most of the stuff for myself. There are five products that particularly stood out to me.

Let’s Talk About the Sugar Plates and the Palm Leaves

The first two are from their Eco-friendly line of dinnerware. They have taken sugar cane pulp and fashioned them into dishware.

They also have wooden dishware that was made from palm tree leaves, and they are gorgeous. This line is biodegradable, evidently, you can even toss them into the fireplace when you’re done. At the same time, they’re sturdy. The website boasts that their fork can pierce a raw carrot, so there’s that.

Not to Mention the Cups

My next two favorite items are from their drink ware line. I’m a crazy cup person. Rarely are there two cups in my house that are the same. When I looked through their drinkware line, I needed to have them all. From the tumblers to the clear plastic coffee mugs with handles, to the pilsner glasses, it’s all great.

What really caught my attention, first of all, was this wine cup. They have a silver stemless wine cup that looks like you’re supposed to be sitting on a throne somewhere when somebody hands it to you. And yes, if you’re drinking out of this, somebody’s handing it to you.

Then I saw the clear plastic coffee mugs with handles, and it’s exactly what it sounds like, except, like most of these products, plastic is the last thing you think about when you see it. It looks like glass. Fancy glass. You might as well be drinking out of a crystal mug.

And Don’t Even Get Me Started on The Mini Dishes

Lastly, one of my favorite items is their mini dishes. When it comes to food, it’s all about the presentation. Let’s say you have single serve desserts, yogurts, etc. They have these adorable little plastic cubes you can put them in. They even come with lids. They have mini sundae dishes and tureens. They have little trays to put food on. There’s even an espresso mug with this modern art looking handle. And again, from the design alone, the last thing you’re thinking is plastic.

These are high-quality products. They can take the heat, they won’t fall apart when you put things on them, and yet they are elegant and classy. I have to have all these things right now. And the good news is while you can buy wholesale, they also sell by the unit, so even if it’s just for me, I can still go shopping.


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