Healthy hair is a thing of pride. If you have healthy hair, you have almost everything. However, hair is the part of our body that is barely free from any problem but suffers from so many complications. Dandruff is one of the main problems but with the help of good shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp can always bring a solution and the best cure for the same.

If you are suffering from itchy scalp and dandruff you must go see a doctor or ask around about the best help to get healthy hair all the same. However, dandruff causes for so many reasons and you need to treat your hair in the best way to get healthy hair. So here we have listed the best tips to have healthy hair for your convenience.

  1. Hair Protection

Outside world is filled with pollution and the UV ray from the sun. These two things are constant and it damages the hair the most. However, it is impossible to stay at home just to keep your hair safe from the outside environment. Thus you always have to use the best protection for your hair. You have to prevent your hair from catching the bad effects of rain, pollution, and harsh sun. So you can always use an umbrella, or cover your hair with a piece of cloth. This will protect your hair at some level. Yet there are some products in the market, but you should avoid using those chemicals, and adopt the normal ways.

  1. Wet Hair Care

One of the main reasons having dandruff in your hair is that you are treating your wet hair in the wrong way. You must know how to dry off your hair because dry hair is the reason for dandruff too. The water stores and produces dandruff. You have to towel dry your hair and you have to be careful enough. Avoid brushing your wet hair too, because it rips off the hair from its root. You can always use Ketomac shampoo hair fall treatment for your hair, and it will be best if you are suffering from hair fall complication.

  1. Conditioning

You must remember to condition your hair in the best way possible. Use coconut oil for good effect. However, there are so many products in the market for conditioning; you can use them as well. Yet if you deep condition your hair once a week with natural coconut oil, it will prove the best for your hair.

  1. Avoid Applying Heat

So many women use a dryer to dry off their wet hair, but it is far from any suggestion. You must always try to dry off your hair in the best natural way possible. If you apply heat to your hair, it will damage your hair always. However, it’s somewhat impossible to avoid the dryer while you are in hurry for work. So for that, you can try applying the heat leaving the roots. Also, avoid using heat to straighten your hair as well. It will straighten the hair but it will damage the hair highly.

Take care of your hair and prevent dandruff to attack your hair roots. For that, you can take notes of the above-mentioned points as well.


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